I am passionate about preaching God’s Word and would love to partner with you to encourage, equip and empower the body of Christ at your next event. I speak for retreats, conferences, workshops, teas, Bible studies and any event designed to build up believers and share the Gospel.

I speak on a variety of Biblical topics, but my core message is always intimacy with God. The Lord has given me a powerful testimony of rescue, redemption and restoration that I often weave throughout my teaching. I share and preach from a place of deep love and conviction for the Kingdom of God. My prayer is that people would be transformed at my events through the power of the Holy Spirit as they encounter God. My goal is that they would leave changed and impassioned to live bold, obedient lives for the Kingdom!

If you need to fill other aspects of your event, I work with a variety of ministry partners, including my family, to bring a full experience to your next event. My husband and I have a powerful testimony of marriage restoration that we love to share to encourage and heal marriages and families. We would love to share at your church or gathering.

See you at your next event!


“Heather has an amazing testimony and is a powerful speaker, sharing her walk with Christ through her life experiences. The women’s day retreat with Heather was both emotional and uplifting, filling my own heart with a renewed desire to deepen my relationship with Christ and share it with others.” Lorraine B.

“Love, honesty and passionate! Heather loves Jesus and He truly shines through her! Her testimony gives hope of how Jesus can change anybody and any circumstance. I was so blessed at her day event learning her method of how to have a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus. She taught and guided us with ease, clarity and love. I can see that Heather depends on the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide her through the entire event. This is the second time I have had the privilege to hear her speak. She is such a warm and caring person, and a cherished sister in Christ.” Dorothy

“I had the joy of meeting Heather and having her speak at our Women’s Retreat this year. Heather speaks from a Biblical place that goes deep into the heart. Some ladies from our churches come from tough places with abuse, addiction, etc. in their backgrounds, while others have walked with Jesus a long time. It can be tough to speak into the differences of their lives. Between Heather’s testimony and the use of God’s Word she is a dynamic speaker and can minister to a diverse crowd.” Schaunna

Upcoming Events:

September 28th– Bear Creek Community Church, Lodi, Ca “Hall of Faith” 9am to Noon

October 12th-Sierra Foothills Community Church, Oakdale, Ca “Fall In Love with Jesus” 10am to 2pm

October 25th and 26th-Church of the Harvest Women’s Conference, Citrus Heights, Ca, “Unshakable Faith”

November 9- Women’s Retreat. Minden, NV

December 9- Women’s Christmas Dinner, New Life Christian Center