Hello, I’m Heather Murdock. I love Jesus with all my heart and live to disciple this generation to love him too, not only with words but with surrendered lives. Jesus tells his disciples in John 14:23, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching.” I’m committed to encouraging, equipping and empowering people to live obedient, purpose-filled lives that glorify God and impact culture with the power of the Gospel.

As believers, we are called to not only talk about our love for Jesus, but to BE about it. We get to BE about our Father’s business; the business of saving souls and transforming lives. We get to BE a part of His mission exactly where we are right now, but there are many obstacles in life that hold us back. Internal, external and spiritual obstacles hold us back from living truly free and transformed lives. My mission is to disciple people to live in the power and victory of the Holy Spirit to overcome those obstacles and live out their divine destiny!

I speak, write, and lead using God’s Word to bring life, hope and power into the hearts of the hurting and hopeless. I’m here to help prepare the Bride of Christ for such a time as this. We have been chosen to live in this remarkable time in history. Our lives matter. You matter. Let us rise and rejoice as we live fearless, Spirit-filled lives, anchored in intimacy with God and set apart for His Kingdom.

I work in the marketplace as Vice President of Human Resources for a global tech company and get to travel the world connecting people to organizational vision and helping to develop culture. I love what I do, but the most rewarding, and sometimes most challenging roles, are wife and mom. My husband and I have an incredible testimony of marriage restoration.

We live in the Sacramento area and have three kids, two of whom are adults. It’s crazy how fast that happened! Our lives are full, but our family is our priority. Our kids are our most important disciples. We know that a healthy family is one of the greatest testimonies to God’s faithfulness.